Sarah Studer

I am a graduate of Upper Arlington High School and currently I am taking classes at Columbus State Community College. I am a very passionate, funny and driven person. I make my co-workers smile with my humor. I am proud that I live independently and work hard to help pay my bills. I work at Wendy’s and have mastered the art of making the best French fries for our customers. I also work at The Awesome Company alongside my mom, Stella. My job at The Awesome Company is to speak to people at conventions and assist with community outreach. I am very good at talking to people about what it's like to have autism and give them ideas of how they can better treat others that aren’t neuro-typical. When I am not busy working, you can find me hanging out with friends, cuddling my dogs and playing on my phone.

My loving family, eating yummy food and visiting Greece are what I find awesome.

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