Jonathan Menster

I have lived in Bexley, Ohio all my life and graduated from both Bexley High School and Columbus State Community College. I am a fast learner and can master just about any task that you teach me. My co-workers would tell you that I’m a kind and fun person. Here, at The Awesome Company I enjoy heat pressing and folding t-shirts and putting them in boxes. My job is to get the orders ready for the customer to pick up. I have also assisted in data research and work with the sales team on occasion. My favorite aspect of The Awesome Company is that I like feeling productive and it is great to work at a place that knows that I am not neurotypical and accommodates that. I am proud of myself for having a job and being able to remain productive.
Things that I think are awesome include Batman, celebrities with the first name Bruce, pizza, and being inclusive of others.
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