Jacquie Mahan, Founder & CEO

With a background in art, wellness and business, I daydreamed of a place where my affection for all things awesome and my drive to empower the autism community could live in harmony. With the help of my family and friends, The Awesome Company was born. My love of art, thinking outside of the box and my fierce entrepreneurial spirit is what drives me. I love printing t-shirts and I love watching our employees thrive. My dedication to the autism community comes from being a proud autism mom and an advocate for special needs inclusion in the workforce. When I’m not working next to a cup of coffee, you can find me cozied up at home with my family and two super cute poodles.

To me, poodles, sewing quilts, Nantucket, coffee, soft rock ballads, laughing, being weird, reading books and hanging out with my two handsome sons are what I find awesome.

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