The Power of Words

Words have the power and energy to change everything. Powerful words fill your mind with powerful thoughts. So let’s use words that support and inspire each other. Our Power of Words collection is inspired by the positive traits and greatness inside people with autism. We at The Awesome Company believe in the super powers of autism. 


80% of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed. Stress from the hiring and interviewing process and the lack of autism awareness from the workplace are usually the culprits for this unemployment surge. The Awesome Company chooses to focus on the abilities of autism, to collaborate with our team and think outside the box. The abilities of autism are limitless when we work together. 

10% of all sales from the Power of Words collection will support EveryBody Works. EveryBody Works is a one-of-a-kind transition program located in Columbus, Ohio, that blends education and vocational training. 

Visit their website here

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